“To embrace the moral order as parents nurturing their children, yet to abandon the moral order as members of the ruling generation, thereby contributing to predictably deleterious public policies with prospectively calamitous outcomes, is a decadence that leads to unstable and potentially oppressive or even tyrannical conditions which, in the end, degrade and disassemble the civil society and consume their children’s generation and generations beyond. Reformation and recovery may be possible but difficult and complicated, and typically only after the exaction of an enormous human toll.”

Mark Levin1

The Greek word “kakistocracy,” which I learned from Peggy Noonan, describes a state or government run by the most unscrupulous or unsuitable people – in other words, the world we live in today. Corrupt, dishonest and incompetent politicians, regulators and bureaucrats were put in charge by self absorbed, selfish and ignorant citizens. The current presidential election marks a low-point in American history; now the country is holding its breath (and its nose) waiting to see which lesser evil gets the nod.The country needs a political lobotomy. I certainly would feel better if… Continue reading

 September Edition

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