The Ides of Idiocy

   “My reason is now free and clear, rid of the dark shadows of ignorance that my Unhappy constant study of those detestable books of chivalry cast over it. Now I see through their bsurdities and deceptions, and it only grieves me that this destruction of my illusions has come so late that it leaves me no time to make some amends by reading other books that might be a light to my soul.”

Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote

Radical Islamic terrorists blow up bombs in New York City and New Jersey; North Korea tests nuclear weapons in dangerous proximity to America’s Asian allies under the protection of China; Bashar Al-Assad butchers his own people with chemical weapons and barrel bombs under the cover of the Iranian regime that Barack Obama just gifted $100+ billion of sanctions relief and a ten-year open road to nuclear weapons; Russia establishes its first military base in the Middle East and supplies Iran with ballistic missiles while annexing Ukraine; and China treats the South China Sea like its personal playground in direct defiance of international law and the post-World War II balance of power. Apologists for this state of affairs scramble to excuse the worst failures of statecraft … Continue reading

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