When Will We Come To Our Senses?

   “That which makes us specifically human does not signify our separation from nature. It’s a form that nature has taken here on our planet, in the infinite play of its combinations, through the reciprocal influencing and exchanging of correlations and information among its parts. Who knows how many and which other extraordinary complexities exist, in forms perhaps impossible for us to imagine, in the endless spaces of the cosmos? There is so much space up there that it is childish to think that in a peripheral corner of an ordinary galaxy, there should be something uniquely special. Life on Earth gives only a small taste of what can happen in the universe. Our very soul itself is only one such small example”

Carlo Rovelli, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics 1

While human beings were busy killing each other on planet Earth this summer, a group of scientists accomplished a truly breathtaking feat on July 4 when America’s Juno spacecraft entered the orbit of the planet Jupiter. Juno was launched on August 5, 2011. Since leaving man and his bloody pursuits behind, Juno traveled 1.75 billion miles (92.8 billion kilometers) at speeds of thousands of miles per hour. The second aircraft to orbit the Red Planet (Galileo did so from 1995 to 2003), Juno will spend  … Continue reading

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