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Update: We have published Judge Nathan Whiffs - April 2019!

Judge Nathan Whiffs

No sooner had Elon Musk stepped foot outside the Federal courthouse in New York City after his hearing before Judge Alison Nathan then he started lying again, telling reporters regarding the misleading tweet that brought him before the judge that “The tweet in question was true, immaterial to shareholders, and in no way a violation of my agreement with the SEC.” All three parts that statement were patently false. First, the February 19th tweet in question, claiming Tesla would make 500 vehicles in 2019, was so inaccurate that Musk was forced to correct it four hours later to clarify that the company will only deliver 400,000 vehicles this year, a number the company will be lucky to meet after its catastrophically poor first quarter performance of just 63,000 vehicles. Second, deliveries are not only material to investors, they are the end-all and be-all of Tesla’s communications with investors, which is why Musk tweeted about them in the first place. And third, a first year law student reading Musk’s consent decree knows that allowing Musk to pre-approve his own tweets is patently absurd on its face and not what the agreement requires. The fact that Musk lied the minute he left a courtroom in which he was effectively on trial for lying may seem ironic, but it is par for the course. If you believe anything Musk says, you are a fool...

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