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Update: We have published The King Is Dead - November 7, 2020 Newsletter !

The King Is Dead

My election call was half-right – Joe Biden won the presidency but Republicans managed to hold on to control of the Senate. The outcome was tighter than expected in many states but the Electoral College win was solid and the popular vote victory was strong. Defeating an incumbent is no small achievement and perhaps people will stop underestimating the former Vice President. It is also a historic moment for Kamala Harris, who become the first woman to serve as Vice President. Nobody should underestimate the opportunities available to minorities and women despite the challenges they continue to face.

This is an optimal result for the country because it points toward moderation in tone and substance in our politics and policies. Mr. Biden represents a welcome change from Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric (which is now in a manic phase) while a Republican Senate will limit the most radical – and least constructive - instincts of the Democratic Party.

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