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As I wrote last month, people never disappoint us in the ways they disappoint us. Sadly, this is particularly and painfully true of our public officials and business leaders. Since his obvious loss on November 3rd, President Donald Trump has engaged in intensifying cycles of behavior that undermine the basic tenets of American democracy. Regardless of his motives, his conduct – and that of his supporters – is damaging both the Republican Party and the country. With respect to the former, the Republican Party can only blame itself for supporting a man who is neither conservative nor in any way emblematic of its values. The sycophancy toward Mr. Trump exhibited by Republican politicians, Cabinet members, business leaders and media types over the last four years will live in infamy. As for the latter, I’ve written many times that Mr. Trump leaves some important achievements behind, but they came at an enormous price to the country. Since the election, that price has become far too high.
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