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Update: We have published Asylum Seekers - June 2019!

Asylum Seekers

“And in this constancy, this complete indifference to the life and death
of each of us, there lies hid, perhaps, a pledge of our eternal salvation, of the
unceasing movement of life upon earth, of unceasing progress toward perfection.
Sitting beside a young woman who in the dawn seemed so lovely, soothed and
spellbound in these magical surroundings – the sea, mountains, clouds, the open
sky – Gurov thought how in reality everything is beautiful in this world when one 
reflects: everything except what we think or do ourselves when we forget our
human dignity and the higher aims of our existence.”

Anton Chekhov, “The Lady with the Little Dog”

Government by tweet and investing by ETF represent the death of thought, responsibility, and moral action. Investors must resist these falsehoods. Technological demagogues convince people to surrender their freedom, to believe that the world is binary and capable of capture in 140 tweets. Free
people must reject these tyrannies. Monetary charlatans tell citizens that it is prudent to print trillions of fiat dollars to bail out governments and businesses from their inability to competently manage their affairs. Citizens must reject these delusions.

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