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Update: We have published Welcome To Jonestown - May 2019!

Welcome To Jonestown

The so-called media and political elites tell us that the economy is booming but ignore the fact that many if not most Americans struggle with too much debt in a system rigged in favor of capital and against labor. The antidote to this is not socialism – it is better capitalism that taxes capital and labor equally and ends tax incentives for debt over equity financing. Wall Street celebrates the destruction of markets by the Federal Reserve while ignoring rampant and obvious asset inflation, unsustainable public and private sector debts, and the corruption of our moral sentiments. Passive investment vehicles destroy the role that intellect and judgment should play in financial markets. Central banks and market structure convince investors that markets always rise, which is simply delusional. Investors have never been less prepared for volatility or losses. Jonestown is going to have nothing on Wall Street when the walls come tumbling down...

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