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The Trump Dump

“The house of liberty is customarily defended above ground, where its constitutional structure and the cladding of the laws are easily apparent. But if its deeper foundations – which are the individual’s appreciation, expectation, and exercise of liberty, autonomy, and agency – begin to rot, it will collapse. As political and legal battles are fought at the surface, the foundations of liberty are washing away.
“Recent generations especially, their elders in tow, are racing upon a
digital track to exchange their powers, liberty, and privacy for pathetic simulations of fame, counterfeit means of intimacy and connection that instead foster distance and isolation, supposed simplification that gives birth to meaningless complexity, conveniences that require submission and erode skills, and an ever-growing reliance on corporate behemoths with no spur to guard anyone’s rights or interests but their own.”
Mark Helprin1

The Trump bump is turning into the Trump dump as investors worry about trade, stagflation, debt, and the behavior of the man in the Oval Office. The sugar high that pushed the market up 40% since the
election through early February is giving way to the realities of runaway debt, inflation, protectionism, and political and geopolitical instability. While current economic policies are far superior to Democrat alternatives, there are no free lunches and the bill is coming due for years of reckless borrowing. The recent tax and spending bills only added to these concerns. I recently wrote to Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) in response to a mailing boasting about all the goodies the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill delivered to the state of Florida. I told the good Senator that I must have missed the legalization of recreational marijuana use in the Senate because not only was the bill nothing to write home about but confirmed that he and his colleagues were spending like a bunch of high school kids with the munchies.

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