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April 2017 by MICHAEL E. LEWITT

American Courage

The Obama Doctrine is dead. And for that, every American and every citizen of the world should be grateful. No longer will tyrants like Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin be allowed to murder innocents with impunity. The attack on Syria’s Shayrat Airfield was a measured response to the latest act of genocide committed by Assad with the full complicity of Russia. Hopefully they will get the message that America will no longer tolerate the degradation of humanity based on the erroneous belief that it is not in this country’s national interest to insure that the norms of civilized behavior are enforced. That is the same argument that allowed the Holocaust and the Bosnian and Rwandan genocides to occur while the United States had the ability to stop them. The day it is no longer in America’s vital interest to protect the lives of innocents will be the day this country loses its reason to exist.

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“Fairly or not, politics is the driver of history. It will determine whether we live long enough to be heard one day. Out there. By them, the few – the only – who got it right.”

Charles Krauthammer1

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