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Update: We have published Ford Pinto - March 22, 2020 Newsletter!

Ford Pinto

In the 1970s, Ford Motor Company was demonized when it was discovered that it performed a cost-benefit analysis with respect to the placement of the fuel tanks in its Ford Pinto vehicles. The public had a difficult time rationalizing a trade-off between human life and corporate profits. In a different world, weighing economic versus human costs would be left to the gods, but in this world the gods left the dilemma for men and women to solve. In the case of the Coronavirus, the choice is unspeakably difficult because we are working with imperfect knowledge. Based on what we know right now, it seems prudent to take drastic action as we learn more about the virus. As these actions take effect and we gain more knowledge about the threat, hopefully we will be able to taper action more closely to the identifiable dangers and mitigate the economic impact.

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