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2019 Investment Outlook

George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush lived a remarkable life serving his country and setting an example of patriotism, courage, comity, moderation and decency. As Charles Krauthammer wrote thirty years ago, President Bush 41 left office after two great foreign policy achievements: navigating America through the end of the Cold War (including helping German achieve reunification) and waging a successful war on Iraq. He also left behind a significant domestic policy legacy including a decision that was politically disastrous for him but helped lead the country to a rare period of budget surpluses: his agreement to raise taxes after promising not to do so. He nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court and stood behind his nominee when the jackals descended, demonstrating political courage and loyalty when he could have cut and run. He brought dignity to the office of the presidency and befriended the man of great political talent but questionable character who beat him in a bitter presidential election, exhibiting the grace of someone who knew who he was and had nothing to prove.

George H.W. Bush was among the most qualified and best prepared men to step into the presidency, something he proved with his performance in office. That is a lesson the American people should take to heart as they look to 2020 and beyond. The Oval Office should not only be occupied by men and women of high character and intelligence but by those with experience in government and life that prepares them to work effectively with Congress and foreign governments. We can’t afford more failed presidencies.

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