Print Media

March 28, 2016: The Committee to Destroy the World

In the new, updated edition of his book, Lewitt reveals the incompetence and criminal negligence of the “great financial minds” behind the 2008 crash, and shows how the debt burden they created has left us primed for another crisis. Then he moves beyond policy reform to present a detailed plan of action for the average investor. Buy

May 3, 2010: The Death of Capital

In Lewitt’s seminal book on the financial crisis, he explains how our counterproductive financial and regulatory system – including private equity and derivatives trading – led directly to the death of capital. He then puts forth a radical plan for financial reform to prevent the same disaster from striking again. Buy

Sept. 15, 2008: Michael Lewitt, The New York Times: “Wall Street’s Next Big Problem

In this pivotal mid-crisis editorial piece, Michael analyzed AIG’s unsustainable derivatives load and the possible consequences to the market if it collapsed without a safety net. (The day after the article appeared in The New York Times, the Federal Reserve bailed out AIG by pledging $85 million.) Read

Print Interviews

September 30, 2010: Matt Miller, Washington Post, “Where’s the Moral Outrage on Wall Street?

This opinion piece starts with the line “Elizabeth Warren, please call Michael Lewitt.” Read

August 28, 2010: Lawrence C. Strauss, Barron’s, “For Chastened Investors, Capital Ideas

A conversation about the “raw speculation” and “sustained misallocation of capital” behind the financial crisis, as well as the answer on a policy level and for individual investors. Read

July 11, 2010: John Plender, Financial Times, “Tackling Antisocial Financial Behavior

Plender quoted Lewitt’s insights on why bad behavior is tolerated in the markets; he called him “prescient about the financial crisis.” Read

March 3, 2009: John Plender, Financial Times, “Error-Laden Machine

In the depths of the financial crisis, Plender turned to Lewitt for a quick take on what went wrong. Read

March 10, 2008: Bernard Condon, Forbes, “Take a Risk

Story featured on the cover; Lewitt’s investment recommendations to beat the recession. Read

April 11, 2005: Jacqueline Doherty, Barron’s, “Expensive Junk

A prescient look at mounting risks in the high-yield market. Read

TV/Radio Interviews

July 19, 2016: RealVision, “Interview with Michael Lewitt” (56:00)

“A full look at credit markets, high-yield debt in a NIRP world, and the potential for the future use of currencies as financial weaponry.” (56:00) Only available for RealVision subscribers

March 27, 2015: RealVision, “Michael E. Lewitt”

“Lewitt returns to Real Vision for a perspective-heavy interview exploring the stock market’s blinderst to anything except over tightening, the effects of a flattening yield curve in high-yield markets, and a damning accusation toward the SEC.” (48:00) Only available for RealVision subscribers

May 26, 2015: Intelligent Investing with Steve Forbes, “Money Madness

Lewitt analyzes the overextended credit cycle, overvalued stocks, and the failure of NIRP – and pinpoints the safest and most dangerous investments in a pre-crisis market – in this edition of Intelligent Investing. Watch on YouTube

February 2, 2015: RealVision, “Think Piece”

“Some of the most lateral and brilliant thinkers in modern finance tell us what is on their mind at the moment.” (25:00) Only available for RealVision subscribers

October 10, 2010: Fox Business, “When Will Government Restore Stability?
In this 2010 interview, released shortly after the publication of The Death of Capital, Michael argues that stimulus will do nothing to change the deep instabilities caused by enormous leverage, and that we need profound fiscal policy changes instead. Watch on Fox Business